Affiliated Companies

JDS Resources Inc.

JDS Resources Inc. the JDS Group of Companies investment arm, is responsible for seeking investment opportunities for the Group. An affiliated company of JDS Energy & Mining Inc., JDS Resources Inc. holds investments in various entities including JDS owned and operated projects.

JDS Resources Inc. is always looking for new investment opportunities and has extensive experience taking equity position in projects of JDS Energy & Mining Inc. clients.

JDS Minera Mexico

JDS Minera Mexico was founded in 2010 as a result of the increased work that JDS Energy & Mining has been performing in Mexico. Expanding our JDS reputation of providing maximum value to our clients resource and proven record of executing projects on time, on budget and most importantly safely in Mexico, has proven to be a winning recipe for success and good reputation that has kept us exceling in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. Knowing how to work with local communities, agencies and people has help us grow our JDSMM team to a point of excellence that meets any standard, but most important the JDS standard and ethos.

Cariboo Rail

CanMag Industries Inc.

CanMag Industries Inc. is a producer and processor of coal washing magnetite and the only dedicated coal washing magnetite plant in North America. Its operating plant is located at the Mount Polley Copper Mine in British Columbia.

For more information on CanMag Industries Ltd. please visit their website at

JDS Equipment

JDS Equipment maintains an inventory of equipment to service resource projects in applications such as mining and earthmoving, underground mining and development, mineral processing and transportation. We have equipment ready to fill short term needs or meet long-term requirements. As miners and builders, we recognize that equipment failures can cause costly down-time; we work quickly to get the equipment that our clients need to get them back into operation. We have extensive experience deploying and operating our equipment in remote locations and use this experience to select the right equipment for the application. Our entrepreneurial spirit also drives us to provide customized solutions and to share in project risks so we can offer flexibility that others are unwilling to provide. No matter how small or large the task or challenge, we have or can source the equipment solution.

JDS Equipment holds and operates equipment for the JDS Group of Companies. Equipment fleet includes:

  • Underground mining equipment
  • Surface equipment
  • Generators
  • Fuel Trucks
  • Processing Mills
  • Barges
  • Transport trucks