Giant Nickel Mine

Barrick Gold Corporation

Location: British Columbia

Project Value:
$19.7 M


The Giant Nickel Mine project is 100% owned by Barrick Gold Corp. who acquired the project in 2003 and is responsible for the reclamation work. It is located in south central BC, approximately 11 km north of Hope. The Giant Nickel Mine is a former nickel and copper mine. The mine and tailings storage facilities (TSFs) have been closed for over 40 years. Barrick is in the process of completing grading and stabilization activities as a proactive measure to achieve long-term passive closure. The objectives of the construction efforts are to:

  • Regrade the impounded TSF footprint to prevent water ponding and to promote surface runoff to spillways that will pass the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF);
  • Enhance stability of embankments for static and seismic conditions and to satisfy acceptable deformation limits during the Maximum Credible Earthquake (MCE); and
  • Maximize diversion of upslope runoff that would otherwise drain to the TSF.


JDS was engaged by Barrick to provide project management and technical support to manage construction during the remediation and closure of the historic tailings facilities. Earthworks civil construction includes the movement of over 500,000 m3 of material for grading and stabilization and the production of multiple filter and bedding materials to specification. Material creation includes blasting, crushing, and screening of hard rock material, as well as grinding wood for reclamation material. JDS is responsible for the operational budget schedule of the project, as well as tracking production and costs. The JDS project management team works closely with between Barrick, the design engineering consultants Knight Piesold, the local general contractor WTW Ventures Ltd., and various subcontractors working on the project. JDS has been instrumental in developing new safety, quality control, and maintenance systems in conjunction with the general contractor to meet Barrick’s needs and operate under the mines act in BC.


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